ordering a custom piece

Lake Studio offers custom hand drawn portraits in two mediums, graphite and coloured pencil. Each option is currently available in three sizes: 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14. The ordering process requires four things: a choice of medium, choice of size, all photos required to complete the drawing, and a deposit of $25 per order. Pricing information for the three available sizes are listed below. All orders must be confirmed by the artist before being placed into queue.  Clicking 'Start an Order' will prompt an email address to begin the ordering process.





pricing info- Your choice of medium

5x7- $45, additional subjects add $15 each

8x10- $80, additional subjects add $20 each

11x14- $120, additional subjects add $30 each

Subjects are defined as people, pets, vehicles etc. 

Pricing is determined per subject, For Example:

2 people and a dog in an 8x10 is $120

All Commissions with more than 6 subjects per drawing require a custom price quote, which is determined by the artist during the ordering process.

Backgrounds may be subject to an extra fee.

Adding names/dates, no extra charge.

ordering tips

Choosing the right photo(s) is the hardest part about ordering a custom piece.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing photos:

  • Quality of the photo is important. The more detail I can see, the more I can draw.

  • Try to avoid 'screenshots' as they tend to lack detail. 

  • Fine detail is next to impossible to pull from a blurry photo.

  • Although scanned versions of hard copies are preferred, taking a picture of the photograph with a high quality camera / phone is often usable if glare can be avoided.

When ordering a group portrait, subjects can be drawn together using separate photos of each subject.  We can work together on a preferred layout or style during the ordering process. 

I understand that sometimes photos of loved ones who have passed may be either impossible to find as high quality, or may not exist. I've worked with many photos in poor condition and had great success. When in doubt about the quality of a photo, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

i reserve the right to refuse any order that i determine to be disrespectful, racist, or beyond my own personal comfort level.